István Soós

senior software engineer

Tech: Dart, JS, node.js, Java, Angular, React, Lucene, RDBMS

Distributed: Cassandra, Riak, ElasticSearch, cloud (AWS, Google)

Research: NLP, statistical modeling, machine learning, predictive analytics

Enterprise: microservices, SOA (governance, ESB), HA infrastructure

Business: agile, product-management, analytics, R+D innovation

Industries: finance, advertising, startups, content/media, healthcare


Agilord - independent contractor

Jan 2016 -

engineering management advisor for a German bank

  • SOA and microservices consulting
  • engineering productivity study and recommendations

Heap Analytics (May 2016 - Dec 2016)

  • component analysis in the performance of a distributed system
  • backend infrastructure development

Volunteer / community work

  • elected member of the Hungarian Association for Innovation (2015 -)
  • public speaking (innovation, product development and machine learning)

Google - senior software engineer

Oct 2011 - Oct 2015

Ads and Commerce (AdWords Frontend Infrastructure, Sales CRM)
Mountain View, CA

  • browser performance optimizations (JS execution, reflow, repaint)
  • table infrastructure, optimized infinite scrolling with tables (patent pending)
  • dynamic, data- (and metadata-) driven UI framework
  • UX and usability studies, data interaction and exploration
  • Dart, Angular, JS, GWT
  • 6 months of remote work

Agilord - independent contractor

Jan 2008 - Sep 2011

Agilord is a small, independent consulting company I've founded. (Precursor company: OKTECH-Info)

Agile methodology coach for a Hungarian bank (2010-2011)

  • Scrum project coaching for various team sizes (10-40).
  • Tool-, method- and team-assessments and recommendations.
  • Intranet search server with Solr. - a multilingual dictionary and language learning portal (2010)

  • Startup project with Wicket, jQuery and Lucene.

Trusted technology advisor for GE Money HQ/USA (2008-2009)

I've been part of the global architect team (from SmartX Ltd.) with the roles of:

  • Technology architect (Java EE guidelines, tool evaluation, SOA governance)
  • Frontend integrations (Liferay, JavaScript, JSF, field-level security on the UI)
  • Service consolidation (ESB, XML Schema refactoring, IFX consolidation)
  • Project technology lead (planning, delivery evaluation, code reviews)

Consulting and Learning services

  • Java sampling-profiler (2010-2011)
  • Cloud computing and HA cluster architecture consulting (2010)
  • Liferay portal consulting for Hungarian telco (2009-2010)
  • Spring training, Liferay training (instructor, course developer) (2009-2010)

Morgan Stanley - software developer

Nov 2006 - Dec 2007

MS Java Core Infrastructure

  • internal trainings, technology consulting, code reviews, appl. performance
  • DB access toolkit, JMX, XML diff tool (streaming)
  • part of brand-awareness organizers

Equity Derivatives (5 months)

  • trader and reporting applications (C++, Java, Perl)
  • SQL grammar to analyze stored procedures: column use and data flow

SUN Microsystems - Java consultant (part time)

May 2005 - Oct 2006

  • architecture consultant and developer
  • benchmarked a large Hungarian social networking portal for bottlenecks
  • university contact and Java technology advocate

MTA SZTAKI - associate developer

1999- young research fellow
Feb 2001 - May 2005

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

  • natural language processing of Hungarian texts (Java)
  • adaptive learning algorithms for routing and redirecting e-mails (Java)
  • data mining and statistics for medical appl. and database (Delphi, C#)

Distributed Systems Department

  • worked on Sztaki Dictionary

PhD studies (unfinished)

2005 - 2006

Budapest University of Science and Economics (BME)
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics (AUT)

  • research: data mining of graph databases; natural language processing
  • student mentor and supervisor 10+ (2005-2011)
  • course development and instructor: J2EE development (2005)

MSc, financial software engineering

2004 - 2006

Budapest University of Science and Economics (BME)
Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK)

  • HA and integration of financial systems in Java and Solaris environment

MSc, computer science / IT engineering

2000 - 2005

Budapest University of Science and Economics (BME)
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics (AUT)

  • Analysis of graph problems with distributed systems

Major courses

  • Train the trainer (Friesen, Kaye and Associates, 2007)
  • Architect and Designing J2EE Applications (Sun, 2005)


  • Drillio - personal blog, studies, best practices (2008-)
  • patent: Adaptive table rendering (pending; US 14/099868; filed: Dec 6, 2013)
  • co-author of "Software development on Java EE platform" (2007)
    (ISBN: 9789639131972)
  • co-author of academic articles (2000-2006)
    • data mining, fuzzy signatures (1); graph data mining (3)
    • natural language processing (3)
    • E-government and AI (2)

Scientific Student Conferences (TDK)

2002 - 2004

  • Visual model aided SW-development for display-agnostic systems (2004, 2nd)
  • Semantic grammar language analysis in decision support systems (2003, 3rd)
  • Component-based framework for web portals (with: Bence Kővári) (2002, 3rd)


  • IBM 48-hour Programming Contest, team 1st (2005, Budapest)
  • International 24-hour Programming Contest, BUTE, 7th (2002); 9th (2003)
  • ACM International Programming Contest, (2000, Prague)
  • International Olympiad of Informatics, bronze medal (2000, China)
  • Youth Scientific and Innovation Competition, 3rd prize (1999/2000)

Fellowship of the Republic, Hungary

2002 - 2004